Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Thar She Blows (our lift leaves....)

EZG here:
It's been an intense time with getting all of our things sorted before the movers arrived to pack (last Wednesday) and load the 40 ft shipping container (last Thursday).  I think it always sounds like Easy Street to have people pack for you, and, make no mistake, it is MUCH easier.  But it still ain't easy!

We had three movers come Wednesday and they spent from 10-5 (with a lunch break) packing.  They didn't finish.  Five movers showed up Thursday morning to finish the packing and then load the lift.   Without a lunch break, they left at 7 (don't worry, I did feed them when I heard they wouldn't be leaving).   So it's a good thing I didn't try to do the packing myself, because it would have taken me something like 5 weeks (literally) to pull this stunt off.

I have found it extremely challenging to find the sweet spot between finding the correct home for each thing in my house and driving myself (and everyone around me) crazy trying to find the EXACAT perfect correct home for each thing.  It's hard!!!!

Anyway, the above photo shows our lift just about ready to go.  We will see the vast majority of our "stuff" (and, oh my, we have a lot of it!) around the first week of September.  Safe travels, Stuff!


  1. And, in the end, even had some extra room. I wish someone local had asked to do what your friend did by just coming over with his stuff and waiting to see if there was room. We only had people from Israel asking if they could ship us things and the movers said they weren't 100% sure our things would even fit (actually, until about 2 hours before the final box was packed they were still saying that!). b''H that it all worked out.

  2. And mazal tov on being the first person to comment on the blog :). Can't wait to see you!!!!!