Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More Adventures in Grocery Shopping....

Yesterday, during ulpan, we took a field trip to the local supermarket.  I learned a lot from our trip and only wish that we had gone during the first week of *last* semester's class, so I could have bumbled less during the past 5.5 months.  Of course, the newbies who have only been here a few weeks/months were delighted with the timing!

We got a mini-tutorial from the butcher, which, aside from being very helpful from the Hebrew aspect, showed me that he is originally from the US and that many customers speak with him in English.  Having purchased only frozen meat and chicken since we arrived (good thing we eat mostly vegetarian) because I have been too scared to speak with anyone at the butcher counter, I now have new vistas open to me.  Don't tell my teacher that I will likely speak in English.....(I'll give myself a bit more time before venturing to speak with the Israeli butcher at the store closer to my house).

Here are some recent products that caught my eye while in the supermarket:

I think they sell the toes in another aisle....(of course, to be fair to Israel, in the US one can buy "lady fingers" which is even more disturbing to think that we are classifying our finger purchases by social class)
Just the name made us laugh.  Reminded us of when one sister told Miss Julie that her new baby sister should be called "Stinkerella"

Watch those pesky vowels, folks.  Because this is diaper cream, not dinner food

Whatever it cleans, I'm not using it

No wonder why shopping here is confusing: you can't even buy RAISIN BRAN without getting all mixed up.....

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