Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Does This Count Towards My 15 Minutes of Fame?

Our neighbor, who is originally from Hungary, is very involved in campaigns that encourage greater understanding of Israel by non-Jewish Europeans.  So she asked if I would be interviewed by people-who-work-with-people-she-works-with for a Finnish documentary.  Okaaay.....

I asked some questions to try to ensure they were above-board (i.e. that I wouldn't get ambushed with anti-Israel questions) and I was interviewed yesterday.  The three people in the crew were extremely earnest in their desire to get their country-folk to have a better view of Israel and those of us who choose to live here, and it was very sweet to meet such people.  They are traveling all over the country doing 3 or 4 interviews a day.  The documentary will hopefully be finished (Finnished?!) before the end of the year.

Funniest moment: there was a knock on the front door as Shlomo, the young man who started working with my husband, came to "the office".  I was all hooked up to the microphone and stuck where I was, the kids were upstairs with the bedroom door shut and Shalom Shachne was in the office on a phone call, so the interviewer went to answer the door.  The look on Shlomo's face as he came in was priceless: "Umm, I just wasn't sure that I was even in the right house!" (Poor guy thought he had walked into an alternate universe--a blond in jeans and a t-shirt answers the door and then our living room is transformed with big lights and a video camera on a tripod!).

I hope I gave coherent answers about why we are here and the specialness of the land and the honor of being able to live in it.  Then again, if I didn't, what are the chances I will ever see a Finnish documentary?!

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