Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun

We ended the school year with a bang with Uncle Jeff, Auntie Marissa and Salo coming to visit.  They were here for their friend's son's bar mitzvah, but we got to spend lots of time with them ;).

We even stayed for Shabbos at a hotel in Jerusalem so we could see them more.  This was a real treat, as the food was excellent (and not cooked by me!) and the Prima Kings Hotel is in a great location, so some of us walked to the Kotel on Shabbos afternoon.  It was Shalom Shachne's first time being at the Kotel since we made aliyah!  I'm not sure I've ever been there on Shabbos and it was so calm and peaceful and, frankly, especially nice that the tzedakah collectors were not there (while there are some, like the super sweet lady, whom I like to give to, some of the collectors are just WAY too aggressive [Hey, Batsheva, remember that guy?!]).  It was lovely to be at the Kotel on Shabbos, when there was absolutely no time pressure to finish up, see other things, catch the bus back home, etc....

Shalom Shachne and I *did* take the bus back, but it was after Shabbos.  Meanwhile, Jeff and Marissa put their plan to spoil all the kids into effect and rented a room at their hotel for the cousins to have a slumber party in, then took them to the mall on Sunday for extra spoiling.  SS and I went back in to Jerusalem Sunday afternoon and met up with them and then we all went on the bar mitzvah tour's evening event: a trip to Genesis Land in the Judean Desert, a "go back in time and meet Abraham" kind of place.  The view there was amazing.

The bar mitzva boy's parents really know how to throw a party, as there was a wonderful meal, a drumming circle led by professionals, comedian Yisroel Campbell and, of course, camel rides:

Of course, after all that partying, we all went into the week tired and cranky, but we'll make it through ;)

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