Sunday, October 16, 2016

What's doing at 11:15 pm?

That was our question last night, after finishing putting up the sukkah in preparation for the start of the holiday tonight.  So Shalom Shachne, Penina and I went up to the mercaz to see what was doing.  And it was jumping!  Many stores were open, both the expected ones (clever hardware store) and the less-expected (who really needs a new snood at that time of night?!) and TONS of open-air booths selling items for the holiday, including hundreds of etrog and lulav sets.  Loads of people, including a much larger number of children than I felt was appropriate for that time of night (when *I* wanted to be home in bed)

super jumbo etrog!
The buses all say "Chag Sameach"  on their destination signs, our sukkah is ready, the food is cooking and we're off to have our second Sukkos here!  Good Yontif!

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