Friday, November 25, 2016

Fires Across Israel

The weather has been extremely windy lately, which has made it quite dusty.  We had to stop leaving the windows open after we woke up one morning to find that all the dishes drying in the rack needed to be rinsed....

I promise you that I dust!

For the past several days there have been many (estimates are as high as 100) wildfires raging across Israel.  The really sad part is that a large number of these fires have been determined to be "environmental terrorism"--arson using forests as weapons.  I just saw a picture of a booby-trapped tree that was discovered before it could be detonated.  So, so sad.... The situation is complicated by the fact that the weather has been extremely dry and windy, so the conditions are ideal for the fires to spread.  Thousands of people (like the vast majority of people living in Haifa and Modiin) have been evacuated.  Chana and I are about to go to our neighborhood collection point with a care package for firefighters.

May we soon have rain.  May everyone be protected from these fires and any other harm.  And may everyone soon learn to live in PEACE....
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