Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Vroom, Vroom

Chana has done the mildly-impossible: she passed her Israeli driver's test on the first try!  She worked VERY hard in the US to finish her lessons and take her test before we made aliyah (she made it just under the deadline--her test was less than two weeks before we moved).  We did this because the process of getting an Israeli license for the first time is much more complex and expensive than transferring a driver's license (which was complex enough.  Glad we didn't have to do anything else!).

Seen in this picture, she has her green paper license (still need to go stand in line at the post office to pay even more to get the actual plastic license with the picture on it), a little sign for the back window that proclaims her a "Naheget Chadashah" (new driver.  Only a legal necessity if she *hadn't* had a US license already, but seems like a good idea anyway) and a greeting card saying, "You Passed Your Test".  Here is our translation of the card, which we all thought was a riot:

"Now is the time to repay your debts
To everyone who shlepped you and did good for you
You have permission to go and conquer your city.
To gather your friends
And, of course, to drive carefully!"

Way to go, Chana!  Vroom, vroom!

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