Friday, March 31, 2017

Batsheva's Visit :)

Batsheva was here for about 2 1/2 weeks and we had such a nice visit.  Although much of the visit was filled with mundane things (like work, as she can do her job as a software developer remotely, she worked full-time while she was here) we got a fair amount of visit-y things in, too.

We took a hike and saw so many of the flowers in bloom.....

 Went to the Biblical Museum on Natural History  (one of the only things to do locally that does not involve going to the mall or going on a hike).  In a "like father, like daughter" moment, Batsheva also found out she had an affinity for the big snake.

Amusingly, there was a group of senior women in the museum at the same time, and many of them wanted photos of Batsheva holding the snake and them right up close to it :).  Sort of, well, like I am in the photo ("umm, no thanks, I'm fine without holding it...I'll just show how brave I am from right over here").

We had a really great time meeting up with our old homeschooling buddies Fern and Daniel (homeschoolers all over New England are waving 'hi' now!)  for breakfast at a new French cafe in Jerusalem.  Discovered that Batsheva and I are a great match to share a breakfast because I had no interest in the chocolate croissant and she had mild-but-reasonable interest in the incredible cheeses.

During our foray to Jerusalem, I also learned how to (legally) park on the sidewalk!  (By the way, that is not my car.  I parked better than that).  And we helped out a young man who was moving into the nearby Lone Soldier's Home and needed a ride for him and his luggage (funny story: when we picked him up in the Old City, where he was moving out of his yeshiva, I looked at him and said, "We might have a problem, because when the Home asked for a ride for you, they said you only had one suitcase, and I'm not sure I can fit you and three suitcases in to my tiny car with three of us in it".  He was non-fazed [good for a future solider!], sat down and had his friends put the duffel bags on top of him ["it's less than an hour.  No problem"])

We had karaoke night with Batsheva playing our new favorite instrument, the Otamatone .  Can't wait until the one she got Ilana for her upcoming birthday gets here.  That thing is a hoot!

And, overall, ate a lot, laughed a lot, and enjoyed just being together.

Batsheva took all the photos in today's blog post.  Thank you, Batsheva, and come back soooon!

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