Sunday, December 6, 2015

Does This Count Towards My 15 Minutes of Fame?

I've had a fun side project recently, recording the voice of Ruth for the audio serial of Riva Pomerantz's very popular book, "Green Fences" (synopsized by Google books as "A woman's marriage to a Jewish scholar is in trouble due to her jealousy of a popular and elegant friend's marriage to a real-estate baron. Over time, the tables turn in unexpected ways.")

If you'd like to hear me as the "popular and elegant friend", call the Mishpacha ("Family") Magazine hotline at (646) 448-2111 and immediately press 7 for the options for grown-ups, then option 1 for serial stories, then 3 for "Green Fences".  

Advance warning that the sound quality is not stellar and that, although we "actors" are trying our best, none of us are professionals :)

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