Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snow day: Israeli-style (i.e. no shoveling of snow required)

The big news around here is the possibility of a one-day strike tomorrow that would involve all government offices, the airport (sorry, Fern.  I know your family was looking forward to that trip tomorrow....), Egged buses, all public schools and many other things that I haven't quite figured out.

Part of the joy of being a new immigrant is going along in one's own tiny bubble of ignorance.  When we spoke in ulpan today about the impending strike, one woman told about an experience she once had while waiting for a train.  An announcement over the loudspeaker said something about "shvita" and everyone left.  Except her.  She kept waiting and waiting until she finally called her husband [who has lived here over a decade] and held her phone up near the loudspeaker.  It was so funny to hear her tell this story while bobbing her head around saying "shvita, shvita, shvita but I didn't know what the word shvita means so I'm still waiting for my train that was not coming that day because they had just gone on strike!"

Since my kids attend public school (which I still can't get over), this strike would affect them and their schools would be closed.  Or perhaps they would be open but without the regular teaching staff at them and the kids wouldn't be required to attend (i.e. if the parents desperately need to warehouse their children while the parents work, they have that option).  It's unclear to me.  Did I mention that bubble of ignorance?

The entire thing reminds me SO much of the day before a possible Snow Day: everyone is excited because it *might* happen.....there is constant listening to the news for updates (will the storm blow out to sea?!  Will the parties make an agreement late tonight?!).....rumors are FLYING via text and email.....and the ultimate Snow Day detail: we won't know for sure until the official announcement is made tomorrow at 6 a.m.!

(p.s. for those interested in the details, here is a link detailing what will be closed: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4742924,00.html)

p.p.s: strike was averted and life continued as normal around here ;).  Union members will get a 7.5% pay hike spread out over the next several years (they asked for 10%)

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