Sunday, January 17, 2016

Loving the Winter

As I said to my mother a few days ago, "We didn't move here for the weather, but I'm sure not complaining!"  For the past three days it's been in the mid-60s and today is in the low 70s.  It's been so pleasant to have the windows open (only during the day--as soon as the sun goes down it still gets cold).  Chana and I even took our bikes out for a spin on Thursday, riding along one of the quiet main roads here and seeing a flock of sheep (with a shepherd!) along the way!

Tomorrow, back to "winter"--mid-50s and some rain.  It's been really interesting to see the land bloom with the rain we've been getting.  To me, it doesn't seem like so much rain, but clearly what grows around here does just fine with the small amounts

Not that long ago, it was mostly brown.  Had I anticipated the dramatic change, I would have taken a "before" photo

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