Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Rabinowitzes Come VIsit!

A big "Mazal Tov" to Shragi and Leah on the birth of their first child, a son, on Sunday, and yippee for us that this happy event meant that the Rabinowitzes, our Rav and Rebbetzin and our good friends, came to visit!

It was SO nice to get to see them and talk with them in person and we greatly appreciate that they shlepped here from Jerusalem on the bus.

The Rabbi, good sport that he is, tried his first Krembo, an Israeli snack food that consists of a cookie base with a multi-inch topping of marshmallow, covered in chocolate.  He wasn't crazy about it (I totally agree with him).  What I have found out about Krembos (thank you, Fern) is that they are a seasonal food, sold here only between November and February and, during that time, enough Krembos are sold to equal *nine* for every Israeli!  Sheva enjoys them, and, since she is coming to visit in March and will have missed the season, I bought some to send her back to Chicago with.  Then Penina told me that I bought the wrong brand.  I had been under the impression that Krembo was a brand name and the box I bought was the same product despite the less-fancy wrapping.  But, no.  Seems I wanted Kleenex and just bought tissues.  So we're spreading the, erm, joy around and making sure all our guests try a Krembo just to say that they had a full Israeli experience ;)

Thanks to the Rabbi, I only have to eat eight more.

We showed them around the mercaz (town center) before they went back to snuggle the baby, although not before we had to sprint to get them to the bus on time.  If you asked me something I would probably never do in my life, yeah, jogging down the street with the Rabinowitzes would be on that list ;).  

I only hope we can get some more time with them before they leave!


  1. So what's the company that makes the better Krembo?? Inquiring minds need to know!!

    1. Strauss is the better brand (water is the first ingredient) and Rio is the "lesser" brand, according to my teen maven (sugar is the first ingredient). Frankly, the box is nicer from Strauss, too :)