Sunday, September 6, 2015

Let's Review: The Past Few Days

EZG: No real theme here, just miscellany from the past few days:

--Thursday, Ilana tried out an after-school dance class.  She LOVED it and I had to smile when I came in at the end and they were dancing to one of the girls' favorite songs: Shaindel Antelis singing "A Sister's Love".  She can't wait for this week's class ;)

--On Shabbos we went down the street for Friday night dinner.  The P's made aliyah last year from NJ and have older children as well as a 6 y/o and a daughter in 10th grade.  When they came last year, she was the only new immigrant in the 9th grade.....Makes me so grateful that there are 4 olim in Penina's class

--Shabbos day we went to our old homeschooling friends, the Werners .  Eight of their ten children were home for the weekend, and we got to meet the totally adorable Yirmi, their youngest.  It was quite a far walk and we got pretty lost (too bad it was Shabbos and I couldn't take a photo of our shoes *covered* with dust because they live in a part with construction going on.  It was funny to see four pairs of black shoes with so much white on them).  Nice to reconnect with them and hear the neat paths each of their kids is on.

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