Monday, September 21, 2015

Our Lift Arrived!

It sure feels good to sit on a sofa that is *not* made out of a refrigerator box ;)

Our lift was scheduled to arrive Thursday, the day after Rosh Hashanah ended, which several people who live in Israel told us was unlikely-to-the-point-of-absurd, but, WAHOO, it really happened! 

That morning we had the ceremonial "deflating of the air beds"

It was a bit strange to see the same container that we had last seen in Malden show up here
Hello, Old Friend

The moving company had told us that they would not be able to fit the 40-ft. container down our street and would need to use a shuttle truck (i.e. they would park the container on the main street, unload small amounts [relatively speaking, of course] from "Ol' Bessie" here onto a smaller truck, drive that around the corner to our house and, finally, unload it for keeps.  Sounds like fun, right?).  In the end, they drove that giant thing right down our street (the really amazing part was watching the driver back it out at the end.  When Chana got her driver's license shortly before we left, she began saying things like, "truck drivers.  The hidden geniuses of the world".  I tried to get a video for her of this impressive display of backing-up acumen, but she'll just have to trust me that this guy was the Einstein of truck drivers).

Somewhere in here there is a kitchen....

And a living room.....

Penina snagged this photo of the absolute mountain of packing paper covering our stairs and little garden.  Thankfully, the movers took away the debris from everything we/they unpacked before they left.

So we're slogging through the millions of boxes and really enjoying things like using real drinking glasses.  Tonight was the first home-cooked meal we've had on real plates in 8 weeks (for those of you keeping track, this was twice as long as the company estimated, but is within the range of how long people we know have waited for their lifts).

To sum up the past 8 weeks of "life without our stuff", I would say they were somewhat challenging, but, overall, really not too bad.  WHEW!!!!

One of our biggest challenges in unpacking is trying to find our Yom Kippur machzorim.  The shuls here do not provide the special prayer books for the High Holidays (sure am glad someone tipped us off about that).  The stores here will close tomorrow around noon for the holiday, so I have a few hours tomorrow to see if I can uncover our cache or if I need to run out and buy more.


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  2. Hope you had a beautiful yonif, Moriyah. The French sefarim store (I never looked at the name) has the entire Artscroll line. We davened by Rabbi Jacobowitz/Machon Hatorah and many people there used Artscroll....

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