Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Library

We are very big library users, so, of course, we were delighted that the library here has a small English language section.  The challenge is that the whole system works differently here: we had to pay a yearly membership fee based on how many books we wanted to take out each time.  And "50" was not a choice....The most was 10 books out at a time, so I got that (cost about $45 for the year, which is comparable, if not a lot less, than what we pay in library fines back in the US).

I went this morning, as the library is conveniently located in the same community center where we adults take ulpan.  It has been veeery quiet this afternoon as the kids read some old favorites as well as a few new things I picked up.  Seeing the small number of books (and hearing from someone that her daughter donated the entire collection of "Babysitter's Club" books that are there) made me wish that I had put on our lift at least some of the many, many boxes of books we got rid of.  I did consider it before we left, but, not being sure if our stuff would even fit on the lift without taking things to donate, I chose not to do more than think about it.

Maybe next summer when we come back to the US, I'll bring back an empty ToteATon and everyone who has kids' books to donate can give them to me (assuming they are paperback and don't equal more than the 50 lbs I can take in a checked bag)?!

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