Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday in Jerusalem

Our family should definitely be over jet lag--Penina slept until 10:30 and Ilana and Chana until 11:40!  Today I was able to get our "Rav Kav" transit cards (like a bilingual Charlie card) and, finally, get us cell service (although it doesn't start until Sunday).  Penina is thrilled that she will finally have a phone (email and text, no internet, per her school's policy) and Ilana dealing gracefully with not having one (per *her* school's policy).

We spent a long time wandering about the Machane Yehuda marketplace that we're right around the corner from.  Here are some of the sights from today:
Chana and I tried Etrog/Gat juice and 'The Rambam's Drink", which was a mix of "almonds, sour almonds and dates".  Below, you can see Chana's reaction :)

Stopping for a drink at the Re-Bar in the shuk.  It's a juice bar chain and they have one where we're moving to.  I signed up for their frequent buyer card and they asked for my TZ number!  (Those of you reading who are privacy advocates would not be happy.  I was just bummed out that I had forgotten it at home....again....and didn't memorize my number yet)

What--your deli doesn't have a sign saying "We can change the world forever!  Loving acts of goodness and kindness will bring Moshiach now"?!
I love the graffiti here.  I might start another blog just for the "holy graffiti".  I especially like the juxtaposition of the boxes out for recycling and the picture of the man praying

Not a great picture, but imagine the entire stall filled with fresh, soft baked goods and breads.  It's definitely challenging for my gluten-free child.....btw, the sign above says "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy" 
Young man carrying large tray of challah on his head.  We had seen him earlier carrying another tray like this through the shuk's crowded aisles and loudly announcing his presence with a bellowed "'ALLO!!!" (which, according to my Hebrew learning tapes, is how they say "hello" here)
Shabbat Shalom!  Can't believe we're going to have our first Shabbos as citizens!

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  1. Do you follow Jerusalem Kosher News?

    A good place to get updates of what is kosher / not kosher in EY. Many fake teudot kashrut.