Thursday, August 20, 2015

Woohoo! Over jet lag!!!

All it took was being out of the house with Cousin Gil for something like 14 hours without napping (well, I grabbed a brief nap as we drove between stops, but micro-napping is one of my super-powers [as Rhona would say] and no one else napped).  Once we finally got home and the kids got in bed, they were so beyond tired that they still couldn't fall asleep.  Mwahahaha.  While not part of my original "evil plan" to get them over jet lag, I did not start shelling out the melatonin.  I don't think anyone fell asleep before 11 and it's now 9:30 and everyone is still sleeping.  As an early riser, I can't think of when I last slept until 8:30!  Ahhhh.  So nice to feel well-rested.

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