Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Last Day in Jerusalem

View from the top of the Tower of David

 Chana and I had a lovely touristy day celebrating our one week "aliya-versary".  We toured the Tower of David Museum and then arrived at the Burnt House just in time for their English language presentation (wouldn't really have been a big deal if they were doing it in another language, just would have meant using headphones).  I remember going to the Burnt House when I came to Israel with USY when I was Chana's age, and I haven't been there since, but remembered that I found it interesting enough to revisit.  It didn't disappoint, and we had an interesting and educational day.

inside the Tower of David
Ran into Tova R. again in the Old City!  

That night, went back with all the girls for one last time davening at the Kotel.  sigh.  It was beautiful.....

Tomorrow we pack up and head to our new home. The thought of packing (yet again) is not that fun, and of shlepping all our luggage through our pedestrian alley and out to the street is even less fun, but I am so glad that the next time we unpack it's for at least a year :)

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