Monday, August 31, 2015

Shopping is Fun!

It's also weird

I'm not sure what sort of "stationery set" a package of safety pins is, but it's clearly not one I'm familiar with using....

and odd

I never knew cholent was sold in a can.  Do you still have to heat in overnight in a crock pot??  (I love how the can is so dented, too)

And then there's the cleaning supplies.  Shopping takes me forever because my Hebrew reading is slow and my comprehension is even slower.  I rely on contextual cues, specifically the picture on the package.  So, in the cleaning aisle, I knew the bottle with the sparkly toilet on it was toilet cleaner.  The bottle with the shiny window on it was window cleaner.  And the bottle with the field of flowers on it???  In the hopes that it was multipurpose cleaner, I added it to the cart.  Since it permanently lightened an area of the dress I was wearing, I suppose I was correct (the floors look better, too!).

In other news, the gas was hooked up on our stove today and I made our first home-cooked (at least by me) food in two weeks.  (In case you're wondering, oatmeal was the very first thing.  Starting over in a new country really brings out how a new kitchen that has nothing in it really has NOTHING in it. So when the question comes whether we have cinnamon, raisins or maple syrup for the oatmeal, the answer is that we have none of it....I then went to the grocery store and tried to stock up on the basics, at least as much as my "Granny Cart" would allow).

We had homemade mac and cheese for dinner and there were rave reviews from the critics
"This is the best meal I've eaten since we've been in Israel, Mommy!"

It's so nice to be inching our way to normalcy!


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  2. Mac and Cheese is definitely an American comfort food!! (I am assuming it's not an Israeli one?) So happy you can cook and refrigerate food for the New Year!! I've always made my own tomato sauce are you able to do that too? How are the girls adjusting to their new school/life?

    1. I don't know why it says I'm unknown, it's your old homeschooling pal Beth!! Who just abandoned most of her 54 years worth of books and stuff to move in with a cute household of 20 somethings and hoping my Hebrew program made the journey!!